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Sunsetter Screen Room

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During times of the year when insects are a problem, the SunSetter Screen Room keeps out the bugs, but lets in the light and breeze. Itís also great when you want to enjoy your deck or patio at night, keeping out moths that are attracted to light. Specifically designed for our XT awning models (900XT or 1000XT), the SunSetter Screen Room is made of strong, light grey fiberglass netting, and is extremely durable. It wonít rust, rot, or discolor. And all these benefits cost thousands less that a screened porch or similar alternatives! (You donít have to pay property taxes on it, either). It installs easily to your XT awning framework and can be removed in a jiffy.

The ceiling on the Screen Room assures that no insects come in through any gaps at the top. The optional flooring keeps bugs from entering through openings in your deck surface, and adds style and comfort to your outdoor retreat. This optional textured floor makes your deck surface less slippery and protects against splinters and rough spots. For easy access, each Screen Room comes with zippered panels on each side in addition to a roll-up zippered front door. Adding a Screen Room to your SunSetter is almost like adding another room to your house Ė a room that lets you enjoy the outdoors day or evening without being bothered by insects. To enjoy the benefits and comfort of the SunSetter Screen Room, select this popular accessory during the ordering process.

A roll-up zippered front door allows easy access outdoors.

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